The Writing Habit or The Blog? Which Dies First?


  • How To Make Writing A Habit, It worked !
  • The Writing Habit or The Blog? Which Dies First?
  • Want A Blog, Need A Writing Habit
  • To Win At Blogging, Develop A Writing Habit 

As I explained in the previous email sent out, This is a for a test of different titles as well as a comparison between this article the earlier.  So tell me, “Of the titles and two articles, Which you like better?”

I promised that I would write.  Every time I did I told myself.  “Self, Good Job! You did it!”  And I meant it.  And it felt good!  

 That’s Positive Affirmation!  It’s as positive as rubbing a puppy’s tummy, for the puppy.

It wasn’t about how well I wrote.  Nope, that would have only complicated matters.  I was not ready for it.  Not even that small added weight.  “Baby steps, take baby steps”

I couldn’t’ remember the last time I sat down and actually wrote anything.  Literally I couldn’t.  It was not part of my daily life, was never required to write.  No one knew wrote. And I didn’t know the first thing about writing.

But I learned.  It really did feel good, like an accomplishment.  I learned that praising, to positively affirm my action, made it easier to do it over again.

Like the puppy being reward for being playful and rolling over, I too wanted my tummy rubbed.  It’s Funny how that works, and funnier that it works on me.

 “You can laugh all you want. I do too.  Positive Affirmation worked, and does still.  I don’t see anyone volunteering to rub my tummy, so I’ll do it myself!”


Looking back, and this is only a few months ago, this is one of the first steps that happened towards making writing my habit.  Everything else are just tools.  Knowing how to structure an article, knowing how to write strong titles, all this and everything else are tools to help get a job done.

The Blog Writing Habit Comes First!

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One Response to The Writing Habit or The Blog? Which Dies First?

  1. JR says:

    Morning Craig,

    Regarding the choice of title, I like “To Win At Blogging, Develop A Writing Habit “. Right away, you pre-sell me on 3 key words… Win, Blogging and Writing. The title acts as “bookends” for the post. Its screams, need to know more… continue reading.

    As for the posts themselves, I enjoyed Sept 18th for it’s “feel good” positive vibe. It’s encouraging and reaffirms that yes, I can do this. It explains Positive Affirmation with the great example of rubbing a puppy’s tummy.

    While Sept 18th was a very positive feel good post, it did lack the detail and real life feel of your Sept 16th post. Sept 16th presents more as “in your face/real life”. Its almost a step-by-step or “How to… ” article. An article that may lean towards a predominantly male readership. It outlined what worked and the results of that work. The best part of this post is the honest account of how you felt and some of the doubt you first experienced. This is where I am today.

    Depending on my mood, I do enjoy a good fluffy “feel good” read. Although, if I need to make a choice, Sept 16th gets my vote.

    Keep it honest, keep it respectful of your readers and those same readers will be looking for that “buy button”.

    Thanks again,


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