Where Do You Waste The Most Of Your Time?

What did you learn today? Are you learning something new every day?
I was going through The Challenge Modula 5 day 5 “Setting Up A Daily Content Curation Routine” the other day. I was just doing it just to do it, not expecting any new. That is the God honest truth.

What an exciting little surprise, makes the day worth waking up to. I learned something new, when I was least expecting it.
If you haven’t watched this video yet you really have to, don’t miss it. Buffer is a great tool. It is awesome! Want to get through a task faster, make it simpler? So simple you don’t even have to think. It is really that simple.
Thank you Michelle Macphearson for this new tool! Oh and if you never seen her blog before you have to check it out. Follower her, @michellem, on Twitter or find her, Michelle MacPhearson in Facebook.

Buffer is a great tool for time management. Spend 15 minutes every morning scheduling tweets to cover three days! This is time well spent. This is exactly what I need! Every minute not doing menial tasks it a minute I can do anything more productive. I am loving this tool.

Some days I would tweet, some day I wouldn’t. Some days I would think about it, some days I wouldn’t. Sounds like someone you know? Putting off what you can as often as you can? Sounds like you? Sure sounds like me.
Get things done faster, on time. Make it as easy as you can. Make it so easy you don’t even have to really think about it. Spend more time doing thing that matters. Do thing that makes you money.

If you haven’t given Buffer a try yet, do it now! Set it up, schedule 3 days worth of tweets and forget about it!
Then come back and tell me what you learned. Where are you wasting your time?

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