Simple Minds Are Easy To Trick

 About blog writing, there was a time I couldn’t type and I hated writing so why am I blogging? Honestly, I have no idea, some quirk of nature, if you ask me. I taught myself to type, to write, and even enjoy and have fun writing. I crave to write now like a two dollar crack…ah…(never mind).

First off, let me start with something that is in some ways completely different and still in others very related to what you asked in your comment.

For me, it started with committing, not just saying I am committed, but really committing, actually write every day.

Yeah, I know all of you heard this before.  blah, blah, blah.  But this IS what worked for me!  I took one small part of an idea of a simple article I had and wrote a paragraph or two about it.

In my mind it was such a small task.  It was a single grain in a pinch of sand.  In my mind there was absolutely no pressure, it was too easy.  And that is the way I wanted it, in my mind, easy fast.

How are Habits formed?  Most people wouldn’t know, yeah they could guess.  For most people before they realize it they have a habit, and it’s usually a bad one.  And they fight it.

This is where we, you, I comes full circle, into tricking the mind.  Turn off the TV, or at least turn down the volume until it’s just background noise and then down just a little more.  Don’t even face the TV.   If you have to, turn off all the lights.

The idea is take away all distractions.  Just like the photo posted in here, if viewed from a distance, it’s really very quieting.  To write you have to be able to think.

Yeah I know, most people can’t quite their minds, thoughts come and go, flows back and forth, random thoughts pops in and then pops out.  This is why you take away all distraction, even turn off the lights if you have to.

I had to quite my mind for the time it took to write a couple of paragraphs.  I had to be able to think.

The habit just happened!   I didn’t even know that this would form a habit.  All I was doing was keeping a commitment, to myself, for as long as I could. The next thing I know, only a few weeks down the road, writing was a habit. My day wasn’t complete without writing.

Every time I sat down to write, whether I felt I wrote well or not I told myself,                                                     “Self GOOD JOB!  You did it!”

Need more?  Need PART TWO?  Of course there is more, a lot more. It’s a really fun Parlor Trick, when you are alone in the parlor.

Positive Affirmation, IT WORKS!

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