It was a great idea. It would make a great article. I could easily relate to my blog, so I made a note of it. That was last week. This is week.  Now I have no idea what the heck that idea was, not a clue.  I doubt even even our government top code breakers can’t crack this code!   

It’s funny that not even half hour ago I was trying to decipher my own note and now here I am reading about how Jenni Chiu from  

MommyNaniBooboo@gmail.com wrote in “Think For Me, Thank You  goes through the same problems I do.  Crappy Ass notes!  The bane to my writing!  And hers too!

Why is it taking good notes, notes that can be remembered is so darn hard!  

 Where do inspirations come to you most often?  Inside the house or outside?  In your car, driving down the road or stuck in traffic?  Down at the beach maybe, in the store or , and here is my favorite, in the bathroom, where no one dares to bother me?

Do you take notes?  Can you remember what your notes are about?

 Wait a minute, wait a minute!  Now that I am sitting here, thinking and writing about it, I found the answer to my crappy note problems.  Darn if it isn’t so obvious, right in front of face all this time!  Darn, darn, darn!

 “The same day, sooner the better, re-read the note!  Expand on the idea. Add more to the note!

Waiting a week or even a few days doesn’t work.

    Do you take notes?  Where do your article ideas come from?  See you in the bathroom.


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  1. Tamhello says:

    My iPad is always with me – even the bathroom. I used to misplace notes, but now I always know where to find them – in the iPad.
    My program of choice is OneNote, with the app MobileNoter, where I keep text, webpages, graphics, audio notes, etc, all in one place. Now where did I leave that iPad?
    Tamhello recently posted..We’re Online!My Profile

    • kalua kalua says:

      lol…..Tamhello…I have the same problem with little notebooks…”Where is My Note Book!” Ant the problem just got BIGGER! I was just reading how a someone I know was just offered to tweet for businesses, would make a great article! Where will I make a note of this so I don’t lose it?!

  2. Kat Tierney says:

    I usually take notes on my cellphone with a sticky note app. And when I’m excited about something enough to take notes, I usually hurry to work on it as soon as I can.

    My problem is that I have the initial stages of something done in no time flat, but then I don’t follow through because the middle stages are so difficult to get done!
    Kat Tierney recently posted..Mashed CauliflowerMy Profile


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