How are you Challenging Yourself?

   Once again, I am going to say this, I push, and push hard.   If you don’t believe me just ask Janie. In fact I encourage you to ask her.

    “We don’t deserve any days off”, I once told her.  And I meant it.  There is too much to learn. The Challenge covers only the basics of Internet Marketing.  Just the basics!

     My goal is to build a core group of solid people.  People who can work together, depend on each other and trust and share with each other.  Somewhere along the line I want a team of people that feels more like family.

And you just happened to be here at the ground level.  Who you are, your skill level doesn’t matter.  What really matters is that you show up regularly, daily if needed and work!  Excuses don’t count, I don’t want to hear it.  Again, if you don’t believe me, ask Janie.

Remember, you asked to be here.  So be here!  If you can’t make this your priority you aren’t really committed, is it?

This is not the play grounds!  This IS real life!  Be very clear about this.

For over a year Janie and I have been on this fun, interesting and challenging journey. Together we are taking on new challenges, as it comes our way.  Yes, we are learning as we go and somewhere along the line we will fail.  Absolutely, we will crash and burn.  There is no doubt about it.

The only question is where?  It could very well be somewhere in here. In fact I would give it a high probability it will be.

Sorry folks. That’s the truth.  All I can say is if and when it happens we will learn, and pick up the pieces.

As I explained in the forum, this group happened accidentally. I didn’t want this, but it happened, it’s a new challenge and we accepted it.  For those who weren’t around for the beginning of the thread in the forum, this is exactly how this group came into existence.

And so, we are moving on, gearing up for yet another challenge.

   How are you challenging yourself?


P.S.  Some of you showed interest in writing for this group.  Do you really want to write for this group, prove your worth!




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6 Responses to How are you Challenging Yourself?

  1. Tamhello says:

    So the question to each of us is, “How are you challenging yourself?” My goal is to work consistently for 6 days each week. More than that, it is to work with speed, boldness, and urgency. I have the tendency to over study article topics, marketing methods, social media instructions, etc., and then experience “paralysis by analysis.” So I am constantly reminding myself to Do It Now! One quote idea that has helped is “That having a project finished is better than having a project perfect.”

    I appreciate that you put out the challenge that we visit this blog each day and post. Knowing that there is some accountability has aided me in getting here each day. Thanks.
    Tamhello recently posted..We’re Online!My Profile

  2. Cody says:

    I’m challenging myself with this challenge by forcing myself to be even more effective with my time: I’ve agreed to helping a few people locally, where I live, who are starting the Challenge this year. They’re very new to all this, but they’ve shown me that they truly want to free themselves from the 9-5 desk job and are willing to do whatever it takes to figure this out and eventually live a geographically free lifestyle–something I can definitely appreciate. And so I’m helping these people out while also keeping everything else in my day running.

    I’m also helping someone else do the same over the phone each night for a 1/2 hour, long distance. By working and helping teach these people do what I’ve been doing for the past year, it’s been refreshing my understanding of the process, sharpening it, refocusing me a bit on the core essentials of the testing process, and I’ve been learning how to test a niche better myself just by teaching them how to do it!

    That’s part of how I’m challenging myself right now.

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  4. admin says:

    I have both, it IS all about social networking, right? I hope you’ll participate in the discussions here, Twitter and Facebook.
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