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Isabella asked,

I run an eBay store that sells a variety of items.   How do I blog about it to get traffic there?  Can you give me some tips?

   Here is my suggestion for you, Isabella.   Go to and create another blog, in addition to your main blog.  Why   Because it has built in features that taste better than chocolate candy, to Google.   That’s why.

 And it’s free and it’s easy to set up.   Just add a title, a description, and a few more items and you are on your way.   No fuss, no hassle.   You’re now got a piece of Google’s favorite chocolate candy! And Google loves you for it!

“Isabella already knows that your articles are promotional tools, just like those flyers stuck on the windshields of all the cars at the mall, the job of her articles is to go out and bring people back to her blog. She knows this, but judging by her question, she doesn’t understand this. Yet!”


Don’t fret over the title, it’s not like your main blog, don’t worry about not having your main keyword in the title.  The purpose of this blog is to learning how to re-use your articles at least two times to drive more traffic to your blogs.  And learn how to different blog writing styles, to see which works and don’t work for you. So now you have your main blog, your Ebay account and your blog.  Link them all together on the side bars and in your articles with text links, back and forth, forth and back, left and right, up and down.


Write your article, post it on your main blog.  Then write a shorter version, very a few paragraphs, your “tease”, and post it on your blog.  Be playful, be provocative, sexually enticing.  Be outrageous!  Come up with little stories. Adopt stories from your favorite TV shows.  And relate it to your main article and your product.  Make readers laugh, cry, or moan with empathy!  Try to make people drop their pants, so you can reach for their wallets.

Think about posting a funny picture, write a funny, tease of a caption, again relating to your article and your product. Remember, picture grabs people’s eyes and there for their attention.  Your goal is to bring your readers to a complete stop, for just a few seconds!  If you can do this, you caught them!  And they will follow any link you give them.


  So you have the freedom to be outrageous.  You can try ideas that Brand Name would shy away from, afraid to offend the general public, the conservative middle section of their market.  Dam to those boundaries!  They don’t apply to you!  You don’t have to worry about the conservative middle.  So aim for the more hip, open minded sections of your market.

  You Already Know What People Want Everybody has the same wants, the same needs.  Every Mother wants her child to be save and happy.  Fathers all want to provide for his family.  Every little girl wants a Barbie doll and every little boy wants… well… what do little boys really want?  Think about it, and you’ll start to understand what I am talking about.

  So use this knowledge.  If you can catch your reader’s attention and they will follow any link you give them.  This doesn’t mean they’ll buy, but they will follow.   So make sure you have the two text links in your small articles.  One to your Ebay account, so they can buy if they decide they want to.  And another text link to your main article, so they can to read more, if they want.  Also put another text link, to your Ebay account, in your main article, so if they can buy they now decide to.

“Keep them on your sites! Don’t let them go!”

Keep giving them links to click on. And be outrageous!

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  1. Kathy Pop says:

    Great advice, Craig. I want to add that you could make the other blogs on sites like Blogger and Squidoo, since they get lots of traffic and Google is a bit biased towards liking Blogger- to drive traffic to your auctions. Actually there are plugins that allow you to show the auctions on your site as well.
    Also I would include the keywords in the title tags and descriptions of each site.
    Kathy Pop recently posted..Finding An Awesome DomainMy Profile

  2. Isabella Manetti says:

    Hi CraiO. Thank you so much for dedicating this to me. I have been wondering how I can create a blog for my eBay store “Bellasecostore” and now I can see how easy it would be to create and write one. In this I am very grateful. This information is AWESOME.

    I will keep you posted on how successful my blog is in driving traffic to Bellasecostore.

    Many thanks

    • craigOs says:

      Isabella, If you find that you like, (free site) down the road you could always transfer your whole blog over to, (host your own domain ) where you can advertise and sell products.

  3. Sammy says:

    Hi there craigOs I liked your great article on Capture Your Reader’s Attention By Telling Outrageous. Awesome info… I am looking forward for your next post:)
    Sammy recently posted..Tutorials to fix slow computersMy Profile

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