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This is a little story about a Mama’s lullaby … 

I started with the story. An idea, to tell a story, with the first, maybe second paragraph,  until it told a little story that’s common for all.   It had to be like the first chapter of an entertaining novel, grabbing and holding the reader. Just about for ransom.

“Why a story?” you ask.  It’s really very simple.  We all are in love with a good story.  From painting on cave walls to today’s parents reading and singing, lulling our children to sleep with a story.  Tell people a good story and they’ll smile at you, and they’ll thank you.

So does the story come first?

Or is it an image they people can ohh and ahh over?   Or is it the title to catch their attention?  “Which comes first?”  Are you demanding to know?

Today, it was the story.   Tomorrow, it might be the image and the title the next.  I take my ideas from where ever it comes.   The story came from an old hymn.  The old hymn came from a movie.  That old hymn sang a story so well that it was in my head for most of a day!

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