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Buffer … a great tool for promote YOUR Blog Content Writing

It’s a great Twitter app.  This is your Blog Writing tip. But I was having a huge problem.  The link to from Buffer to my Twitter account was broken.  And I was not getting any help fixing it.

Buffer, I had suspected, saw me as just another person who is using their free but limited service, deserving very little. So I decided to see if I could change this!


Making a basic assumption … Every business needs promotion. Promotion means growth, growth equal a happy business owner.

Buffer needed to know that I have been giving, promoting them, whether they knew it or not, to friends and anyone else listening.  I basically scolded them, spanked them and then soothed their tender bottoms by offering to continue promoting them, if they fixed my problem!

Just so you understand I had no idea if I was dealing with a big impersonal company, or if the person who just didn’t care.

All I was doing was playing around with the concept. The concept of “Give more than you take” which I knew works like magic, especially on Twitter.

What I do know is the next day Buffer was working perfectly again! Purring along like a kitten. And that is all I really wanted.



How’s this for changing words, changing approach, and changing someone’s attention. The Co-Owner of Buffer in a personal email it now thanking me and offering his personal help, with anything, in the future.  I am not just another person using Buffer’s free but limited services anymore!

This is what your writing supposed to do. Full fill a basic human desire. Whichever desire it happens to be at the moment and time love, sex, food, comfort or yes, maybe even business promotion.

Words and friends comes with benefits!


P.S.  Just to give back a little moreCheck out “ Buffer, It’s a Smarter Way to Tweet “.


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