What if you have an unusual passion?   A weird and different passion.   What if no one else is passionate about the same things you are?   Worst yet, what if you don’t have a passion? Then what do you do?


IT’S REALLY BAD ADVICE.  Be Passionate about your niche” is terrible advice.   It’s limiting, it narrow the whole world down to a narrow sliver.   I would never recommend that to anyone that.   Besides, how far can passion alone take anyone?   If that is such great advice shouldn’t there be a whole lot more successful blogger?   You want better advice? “Move to Roanoke, Va. You’ll love it.”   Who knows, you might!

Passion is not a bad thing, of course not.   However be careful, like in Real Estate, being too passionate about selling a house for the highest, the greatest price there’s a very good chance you will miss out on a good price.   Were you convinced to look for niches you are passionate about?   If you were, how many niches are you missing out on?   Are you even noticing other profitable niches?



I never could understood how, a friend who owned three different businesses, did it.   How does it happen for one person and not anyone else?   So I asked.  I can understand that people wanted the service and so you provided it.   But you didn’t really know anything else about it, how did you do it?”

“No I didn’t” he said, “Knowing how to provide the service doesn’t matter, there always are others who knows.   What really matter is knowing how to run the business well.”  For a Blogger, this would be knowing how to blog well.

PREPARING YOURSELF FOR MORE   Please, don’t only look at your passions for a niche. Don’t prepare yourself of only your niche.   If you want passion, if it is really that important to you, if that is what you need to carry you over the long haul be passionate about blogging.   Be obsessive about it.   Be compulsive.   Learn everything there is, all the ins and outs about blogging.   Let your passionate consume you, talk to any and everyone about it.   Make blogging your life.

You’ll never miss the next great opportunity.  When that next product comes your way you’ll absolutely, 100% ready for it!

What do you think?   Tell me what you think.   Blog about your passion, is this you?   How many other niches are you missing out on?   Think about it.

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  2. Kathy Pop says:

    I agree with you up to a point. If you’re just beginning, then you have a better chance of sticking through it if the topic is an area of interest for you. You don’t have to be knowledgeable in it, since you can learn more as you do research or ask questions ( in forums of course- for backlinking).
    Until you have it down pat, money shouldn’t be a priority, since you can then go after the money niches.
    Kathy Pop recently posted..Finding An Awesome DomainMy Profile

    • craigOs says:

      From what I seen, lots of people give up because they are focused on making money. They aren’t committed to learning everything about blogging. That is why I believe more in “Make blogging your passion”.

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