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   At first everyone just found out about it,and then slowly began wanting it.  Soon we all had to have it, began demanding it, until we all had it.  Next we didn’t just have to have it, we need the newest.

Everything is a fad, things comes and goes.  Some may manage to stay around, long enough to become part of the social fabric.  But eventually even fabrics changes, polyester and rayon, both icon in its days, are gone now.

This is the life and breathes of society.  Inhale and a whole new industry is created. Breathe in deeper and this flourishes, reaching full manufacturing capacity.  Exhale and it slowly fades away, into the wind.

The live and breathe happens over and over again.   Society expands and society contracts.   It lives.

And this brings us to the Ebooks, and those who aren’t ready to embrace it.  There are still many who love the printed book, stubbornly are holding on to what might be the past. Not willing to see it fade away like the horse and buggy.

There is a whole romance surrounding the experience of reading printed books.  Holding it in your hands, warm to the touch, turning the pages, alone, unbothered, seeing the story build in your mind, the way the author meant you to see it.   And it’s not plastic!

  I don’t need any more cold plastic in my life. I need more warmth!  No, I don’t need another industry raping the planet for needed but rare minerals.  No, I don’t need a new industry using up more resources than it could ever give back.

I say, just like organic food, which is making a strong comeback verses heavy chemically fertilized food that we eventually consume, stick with the basics!  It’s better for all of us.

No! Monsanto, the world doesn’t want more of your chemicals!

 I love the printed book!







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  1. Ali Luke says:

    Thanks for a wonderfully powerful (and beautiful!) response to my post! I too hope printed books never disappear … and I doubt that they will. Television hasn’t yet killed the radio, after all.

    I’ll still stand by the ebook, though. It’s opening up avenues for authors that previously didn’t exist, and it’s also providing readers with free classics. Having read dozens of ebooks and paper books in the past few months, I find that I can’t easily remember which I read in print and which I read in electronic format. The reading experience really isn’t very different at all!
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